Product Title
Liquiline CM442R

Product Description

1 or 2 channel multiparameter field device for all industries and analytical probes. DIN Rail panel mounted version


Liquiline CM442R is an easy-to-use, digital multiparameter transmitter for process monitoring and control in all applications - even where mounting space is limited. It saves you time and money through simplified and quick system integration, installation, and handling. The 1 or 2-channel controller is extremely compact and fits in every cabinet. Liquiline CM442R provides you with all the benefits of a best-in-class transmitter platform from clever simplicity to maximum process safety.


Memosens Sensor Technology; Relays; 4-20 mA; PROFIBUS DP; Modbus RS485; Modbus TCP/IP; Ethernet. Can be used with pH, redox, ISFET, conductivity inductive and conductive, dissolved oxygen, nitrate and turbidity probes

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