Industry-specific expertise, excellence in automation.

A plant or process becomes more than the sum of its parts. A streamlined system pays for itself with operational savings before the next set quarterly results are due. An automated solution creates efficiencies at one end of the mill and stops waste at the other. In short, Synergy takes hold.


If you are ready to bring your plant to the cutting edge and squeeze more value out of its operations, Synergy Controls is ready to make it happen. Our clear direction, strong leadership and real industry experience will synergize with your equipment and your people to make your measurements more accurate, your systems and processes more efficient and your bottom line a lot easier to look at.


Synergy Control's dedicated and expert Industry Champions have been selected based on their knowledge of your unique processes and special requirements. Our teams are constantly brainstorming and cross-pollinating to bring our valued customers the latest and greatest ways to make thier operations the envy of the industry. To see how, click on any of the industry-dedicated links above.


Whether you are looking for a way to optimize a single critical process or an entire plant control solution, Synergy Controls Corporation, with experience, expertise and top-quality automation products, is always ready to deliver a single source solution.