Product Title
Smartec CLD18

Product Description

Toroidal conductivity measuring system for hygienic applications


Smartec CLD18 is the cost-effective solution for all applications in beverage plants where small tubes are used and where the toroidal measurement is used as a switch function. The combination of a transmitter and a sensor is interference-free, easy-to-use and features a hygienic design that protects your products and processes from contamination. Smartec CLD18 ensures the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) of your plant thanks to fast and reliable CIP and phase separation measurements.


200 µS/cm to 1000 mS/cm range; 4-20 mA output; Various hygienic process connections; FDA compliant; PEEK, Stainless Steel and EPDM materials; 110°C (230°F); 188 psig

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