Product Title
Zephyr AQS

Product Description

Ultrasonic airflow meter for large ducts, stacks or underground tunnels.


Non-contact ultrasonic sensors will measure the average flow rate across the entire area for the best possible accuracies in large applications. Wide velocity turn-down ratio allows accurate measurements in very low velocities.


Available: 3' to 90' measuring range; 4-20 mA; Modbus RS485; Modbus TCP/IP; EtherNet/IP; relays; variety of sensor mounting brackets
"The ease of installation is what prompted us to go with this system (Vigilante AQS and Zephyr AQS) over others that are on the market. Maestro listens to our specific needs and builds the product to deliver, saving us time and money! High quality products and service from the Maestro team."Brian Keen, Ventilation Supervisor

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