Product Title
Series AJ

Product Description

Simple, safe and effective pinch valve for automated on/off or control


The Series AJ Pinch Valve features a simple, cost-effective design, perfect for dealing with problematic abrasive materials. The valve’s split body is designed to allow quick and easy sleeve replacement and is available in a variety of materials. Series AJ Pinch Valves provide an effective means of flow control for hard-to-handle media such as slurries, sludges, and dry solids. A flexible elastomer sleeve is contained in the valve housing. The annular cavity between the sleeve and the housing acts as the valve’s actuator. Either pressurized air or water enters the housing, the sleeve is pinched shut. Venting the pressure allows the valve to resume full normal flow.


1/2" to 24" ANSI Class 150 lb. bolt hole drillings; maximum 125 psig; cast iron, aluminum or stainless steel body; EPDM, Viton, Buna N, Hypalon, Butyl or Neoprene sleeves; automated on/off or control options

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